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Jane The Virgin
Date: 2014
Stars: Gina Rodriguez,Andrea Navedo,Brett Dier,Diane Guerrero,Ivonne Coll,Jaime Camil
Plot: Loosely based on the 2002 Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, The CW's Jane the Virgin is about Jane Villanueva, a twenty-something virgin, whose devoutly-Catholic life is turned upside-down when she learns she's pregnant. Jane's fruitfulness, however, is far cry from the Immaculate Conception, and it's no miracle. On the contrary, this bun reaches her oven through science and a simple paperwork error. During what is supposed to be a regular checkup, Jane's gynecologist mistakenly artificially inseminates her, and that's not all—to complicate things further, the father turns out to be Jane's married boss.
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