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Date: 2011
Stars: Jeremy Sisto,Jane Levy,Carly Chaikin.Allie Grant,Alan Tudyk,Cheryl Hines
Plot: 'Suburgatory' follows 16-year-old Tess (Jane Levy) who, after getting caught with condoms in her drawer, is forced by her single father George (Jeremy Sisto) to move the suburbs, a small town where all the moms are fake and so are the other teenagers at school When George tells one mother that he is not married, it sets off a chain reaction of mothers introducing their daughters to Tess and 'themselves' to George. At the first day of school, Tessa is a little scared to be going into a world of big-haired, fake-boobed mothers and Red Bull-chugging children, but slowly she and George as well find a way to survive and get along.
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