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1. Is it free to watch TV shows on is an online cost-free streaming service site, and you can watch all videos on for free without registration.


2. How to watch videos on offers free service with edges of best-rated TV shows, HD streaming quality and reliable dedicated servers. On top of that, videos on are in .swf format and can be played by Adobe Flash Player. You need to install the latest version of Flash Plugin to watch videos. Download and install the Flash Plugin from here:


3. Why does the video stop playing every few seconds and shows a loading icon?
This indicates that the streaming is not smooth. This problem may result from slow internet connection. It's strongly recommended that you click the "Pause" button to let the video buffer for a while, and then you can resume the playback which should now be smooth.


4. Why TV shows on only have several previous seasons? offers all-free service. But the cost of bandwidth is very high, we also offer paid service on which streams complete seasons of all TV shows with the lowest price on Internet. On, you can watch latest updated episodes of TV shows with professional service.


5. How do I get support when I have a question or problem?
You can post your message on the forum:, and our moderators are willing to lend you a hand. You also can contact us via


Watching Tips
Our videos stream at approximately 1,000 Kbps, so we recommend a downstream bandwidth of 1,000 Kbps or higher for streaming. Also, you can pause the video and allow the stream to buffer before playing. To get the smoothest playback you will need Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 or later installed on your computer. OBSERVE! Cookies MUST be enabled in your browser for streaming to function like normal. We recommend that you use Google Chrome when visiting our site.